Holocaust Industry? The Myths And The Realities Of The Holocaust

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Nick Kollerstrom On The Myths And The Realities Of The Holocaust & The British MemorialBreaking the Spell: The Holocaust: Myth & Reality: Volume 31 (Holocaust Handbooks)

Nick Kollerstrom On The Myths And The Realities Of The Holocaust & The British Memorial

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History They Don’t Teach You In School – Jewish Bolshevism!

Bolshevik Jews Killed 66 Million Mostly Christian People Before WW2

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The Holodomor was a man-made famine that occured in the Ukraine during the years 1932 to 1933. The famine was brought on due to Jewish Bolshevism’s food ‘requisition’ (seizures) programs in 1927. A serious drought had already threatened grain crops during the year and low snowfall amounts during the following year made the soil less tillageable. By the early 1930’s many people were starving to death, due to Bolshevik issues not to import any food into the Ukraine and people caught stealing even the smallest amount of food were executed. People who left and squatted on Government land were treated as ‘treasonists’.

The Ukrainian Security Service released a list of high-ranking Bolshevik state and Communist Party officials — as well as officials from NKVD, the police force of Bolshevik Russia — that essentially blamed Jews and Latvians responsible for perpetrating and executing the famine because most of the names on the list were Jewish.

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