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Say What? Man Grabs A Microphone and screams “I am that N**ger!” During A Live Report

APRIL 19–In the midst of a live TV report about a South Carolina crime crackdown, a 20-year-old black man last night shoved a female reporter, grabbed her microphone, and screamed, “I am that N**ger!” into the camera. Shortly after bumrushing reporter Ashley Taylor, 23, during her report on the 11 PM news, Justin Moore, 20,

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Video: Prostitution Is About To Get A Makeover With Sex Robots

According to a pair of New Zealand researchers, sex robots are the future of prostitution. The two claim that robot prostitutes will completely revolutionize the sex tourism industry by 2050. The paper titled “Robots, Men and Sex Tourism,” published in the journal Futures, claims robot sex is safe, free from constraints, precautions, and the uncertainties

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Video: Bail for George Zimmerman as he awaits trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman granted $150K bond A judge says George Zimmerman can be released on $150,000 bail as he awaits trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. (April 20) George Zimmerman apologizes to Trayvon Martin’s family Zimmerman faces second-degree murder charge in 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s death. Popular Media From The Web SPY & KNOW –

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Viewer Warning – New Photo Shows George Zimmerman’s Bloodied Head

Graphic: New Photo Shows George Zimmerman’s Bloodied Head video platformA new photograph obtained exclusively by ABC News showing the bloodied back of George Zimmerman’s head, which was apparently taken three minutes after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, gives possible credence to his claim that Martin had bashed his head against the concrete as Zimmerman

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Sarah Palin: Secret Service Scandal “Send Him To The Dog House As Long As He Doesn’t Eat The Dog With His Former Boss”

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: First, talk about rotten luck! Governor Sarah Palin’s finding herself right, smack in the middle of the Colombian Secret Service scandal. Now, how could that be? Well, The Washington Post reporting one of the agents booted from the agency was part of Governor Palin’s vice presidential security team in

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Video: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem, Attack of the Two-Headed Snake

Things aren’t always what they seem — especially when it comes to snakes like these! Popular Media From The Web SPY & KNOW – HIDDEN CAMERAS, SURVEILLANCE, GPS TRACKING, SELF DEFENSE – PROTECT YOURSELF AND FAMILY – SPYKNOW.COM Top Trending Music From – The Truth Tale New Music Promotion – Music By The Truth Tale

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Video: Comedy NewsBusted April 20th 2012

Topics in today’s show: Joe Biden Mitt Romney Al Franken Grey’s Anatomy Walmart Mad Men’s Don Draper English Woman Dentist Drinking Video: Comedy NewsBusted April 20th 2012 Love NewsBusted and want to receive alerts about new episodes in your email? Visit ‪http://newsbusters.org/newsbusted‬ to sign up for free! Starring: Jodi Miller Production: Dialog New Media Popular

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Ted Nugent says had solid meeting with Secret Service | “The Secret Service interview of Ted Nugent has been completed”

(Reuters) – Musician and gun-rights advocate Ted Nugent said on Thursday he had a positive meeting with U.S. Secret Service agents investigating his recent criticism of President Barack Obama, and the agency confirmed the issue had been resolved. Nugent, who told NRA supporters in St. Louis last week that he would be “dead or in

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Big Brother News: CISPA Another Fascist Takeover of the Internet

CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, is picking up sponsors and it looks like the legislation will make it to the House floor for a vote next week. CISPA emerged from the House Intelligence Committee with an overwhelming vote of 17-1. Popular Media From The Web SPY & KNOW – HIDDEN CAMERAS, SURVEILLANCE,

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Video: Etan Patz: First Milk Carton Face, 33 Years Later, New NYC Basement Search

NY police open new leads on child missing 33 years By Staff Reporter AFP American Edition Apr 19, 2012 16:24 EDT New York police and the FBI dug into a Manhattan basement Thursday to pursue new leads in a child disappearance case that shocked the city 33 years ago. Swarms of officers gathered outside the

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