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BANKSTER FILE: BANK OF AMERICA AGREES TO $17BN FINE OVER MORTGAGE FRAUD<----SOURCE ONE----The Debt Slave Scam - The FED Is Our Slave Master? The United States Of Enslavement<----SOURCE ONE----Robin William's Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire are top movies on Apple's iTunes following his death<----SOURCE ONE----Illuminati Expert: Dark Secrets Exposed - Evil Wants To Rule The World<----SOURCE ONE----Gerald Celente: Why The Nuts Want World War 3<----SOURCE ONE----Not So Shocking - Martial Law Declared In Ferguson, MO<----SOURCE ONE----Globalist Soroscrats? Soros Controlled Democrat Run Media Won't Say Why Rick Perry Was Indicted?<----SOURCE ONE----Social Media Madness? Louisville 'Purge' Causes Panic As Fear of Mass Murdering Mob Spread<----SOURCE ONE----Alex Jones speaks with radio host George Noory about the events in Ferguson Missouri<----SOURCE ONE----Journalist James O'Keefe Talks About His Viral Video: Osama bin Laden Crosses Border From Mexico To US<----SOURCE ONE----Press Release: New Music Release - The Truth Tale - Really Want To Know You<----SOURCE ONE----Brother Nathanael Who Grew Up Jewish Gives His Take On The Genocide And Holocaust In Gaza<----SOURCE ONE----Buzzed Prankster Does A Creative Prank To Keep From Getting A DUI<----SOURCE ONE----Stranger Than Fiction: Katy Perry’s Secret Illuminati World Of Darkness Exposed<----SOURCE ONE----Biden & Obama Working Overtime To Destroy USA, Use "Children" While They Drone Kill So Many<----SOURCE ONE----The General Public is Mentally Ill, That's How The Globalists Control The Sheep?<----SOURCE ONE----The Second Half Of America's Nightmare, Joe Biden Thinks Africa Is A Nation, Not A Continent<----SOURCE ONE----OBAMA'S EXECUTIVE ORDER DETAILS DETENTION OF SUSPECTED SICK PEOPLE<----SOURCE ONE----R.E.M Was Right, End Of The World As We Know It - Killer Solar Flares - Apocalypse NOW!!<----SOURCE ONE----Why Obama Brought Deadly Ebola And Other Killer Viruses To The U.S.<----SOURCE ONE----Pastor Spends $200,000 of Church's Money to Buy His Own Book to Make it a New York Times Best Seller<----SOURCE ONE----So Many Globalist Puppets? GOP Alienates Its Base To Support Obama's Illegal Alien Invasion<----SOURCE ONE----Rand Paul Wants An Apology From The “PARTISAN CRANKS AND HACKS” At MSNBC<----SOURCE ONE----FEDS DRACONIAN EMERGENCY POWERS IF EBOLA HITS U.S. - COULD KEEP OBAMA IN POWER?<----SOURCE ONE----#HateCrime - Obama's IRS Scandal: Lois Lerner’s Mistreatment Of Conservative Groups Was Driven By Her Political Hostility<----SOURCE ONE----Boehner Is Now An Accessory To Obama's Crimes For Not Impeaching Him, Just Providing Right Cover?<----SOURCE ONE----Israel's Plan To Obliterate Gaza? Wants The Prime Ocean Front Real Estate? The Gas Fields?<----SOURCE ONE----Ranchers Believe Border Collapse Is A Planned Event - The Globalists Conspiracy To Kill The USA?<----SOURCE ONE----#ScaryFood - Russia’s Consumer Watchdog Has Opened An Investigation Into The Quality Of McDonald’s Food<----SOURCE ONE----McDonald's, KFC, Taco Bell, Starbucks And Pizza Hut Caught Up In Scary Chinese Chicken Scandal

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Video: I’m shocked that the Attorney General isn’t shocked…. It took James O’Keefe to get this ACORN issue…

Rep. Trent Franks, Rep. Steve King and Cleta Mitchell speak about Project Veritas Voter Fraud video before House Judiciary Committee. There were reports that Nadler and Rep. Conyers were stunned and surprised by the Holder video and asked their staffers what it was about. “It hardly inspires the public confidence that a white 20-something can

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Caught On Video: Extremely rare white adult orca, or killer whale, off the coast of Kamchatka

A Russian research ship has spotted an extremely rare white adult orca, or killer whale, off the coast of Kamchatka for the first time in history. No one knows the reason for the whale’s unusual pigmentation. ­The scientists identified the whale by his pure white fin, swimming together with his pod, or family, all of

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Say What? VP Joe Biden Calls Everglades ‘The Ever-Gators’

VP Joe Biden (D) spoke Monday at Everglades National Park, referring to the Everglades as the “Ever-Gators”. Add one more to the list….. Popular Media From The Web Really Want To Know You by The Truth Tale Reality Revision (Deluxe Bonus Album) by The Truth Tale Top Trending Music From – The Truth Tale New

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Say What? Google Books lists Bill Ayers as author of Dreams from My Father.. Ayers Did Say He Wrote Obama’s Book

Google Books lists Bill Ayers as author of Dreams from My Father Thomas Lifson Google, which sits atop more data than anybody outside the NSA, is presenting Bill Ayers as the author of Barack Obama’s purported first autobiography, Dreams from My Father. Follow this link (Screen Shot Below) and see it while you can. If it

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Video: Today in History – April 23rd

Highlights of this day in history: Literary great William Shakespeare born; James Earl Ray – Martin Luther King, Jr.’s confessed assassin – dies; Labor leader Cesar Chavez dies; Hank Aaron hits the first of his record career home runs. (April 23) Today in History for April 23rd Popular Media From The Web Really Want To

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Video: Mike Adams The Health Ranger: Vaccines Eating Babies’ Brains – Medical Tyranny and Murder In The Matrix

On the April 22 Sunday Edition of the Alex Jones Show, host Mike Adams talks with Jon Rappoport, who has written about the globalist cartel, medical fraud, deep politics, and health issues. He is the author of several books, including: Oklahoma City Bombing: The Suppressed Truth, The Ownership of All Life : Notes on Scandals,

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Caught On Video: George Zimmerman Released From Jail

George Zimmerman was released around midnight Sunday from a county jail on $150,000 bail as he awaits his second-degree murder trial for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin. (April 23) Popular Media From The Web Really Want To Know You by The Truth Tale Reality Revision (Deluxe Bonus Album) by The Truth Tale Top Trending Music From

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Offbeat News: Obama Spoof – “Dog Eater,” the Music Video

DOGEATER Music: Hall & Oates Lyrics: ThirtyTyrants Produced by: @LeninsBarber Sung by: Gary Eaton Video Editing/Production: The Republican Party Animals Made possible by a grant from the Lolo D. and Catherine T. Soetoro Foundation He only comes out at night To find a tasty bite Nothing is new, I’ve seen his gaze before Watching and

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Video: Daredevil’s epic tightrope walk across a Chinese canyon

Dean Potter has finished a lone slackline walk across the Enshi Grand Canyon in east China – he walked at an altitude of 1.8km. . Report by Katie Lamborn. Popular Media From The Web Really Want To Know You by The Truth Tale Reality Revision (Deluxe Bonus Album) by The Truth Tale Top Trending Music

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