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New Music Release - New Album: The Truth Tale - Reality Revision<----SOURCE ONE----Shocking: TSA Groping Is Only For Honest Legal Americans, Illegals Get On Planes Without ID<----SOURCE ONE----TSA WHISTLEBLOWER: NEW PHONE RULE IS MORE SECURITY THEATER<----SOURCE ONE----Wild Tesla Car Chase Ends In Epic Crash And Flaming Fireworks Display<----SOURCE ONE----Globalist Obama Ushering In North American Union? Orders DHS to Bus In More Illegals To Kill USA<----SOURCE ONE----Border Crisis Threaten U.S. Sovereignty - Obama And His Regime Trying To Usher In The North American Union?<----SOURCE ONE----SHOCKING: RECORD 92,120,000 AMERICANS NOT WORKING, NOT LOOKING<----SOURCE ONE----A Dictator Sounding Obama Tells Congress "Sue Me"<----SOURCE ONE----Caught On Video: Clueless Americans Have Forgotten WHY We Celebrate 4th of July<----SOURCE ONE----Tyrannical Mandate Stopped! OBAMACARE DECISION A 'REBUKE' TO OBAMA!<----SOURCE ONE----New Music Release: The Truth Tale - A Happier Picture<----SOURCE ONE----Russell Brand Talks Revolution With Max Keiser And Stacy Herbert<----SOURCE ONE----IRS Scandal: Sen Ted Cruz Wants Action From Eric Holder Or His Impeachment<----SOURCE ONE----Globalist's Crash Of The United States - Illegal Immigrants Used As A Weapon To Kill Sovereignty<----SOURCE ONE----Press Release - New Music Release: Million Miles From Reality - The Truth Tale<----SOURCE ONE----David Icke w/ Alex Jones: ISIS The Next Boogeyman To Take Your Liberties<----SOURCE ONE----SHOCKING REPORT ABOUT THE EARTH’S DWINDLING WATER RESOURCES<----SOURCE ONE----Worse Than Bad, Everything Is Crazy!!! Are You MAD AS HELL Or Clueless?<----SOURCE ONE----New Music Release: Angels Get Wings By The Truth Tale<----SOURCE ONE----SECRET SERVICE AGENT: OBAMA IS WORSE THAN YOU KNOW - NUMEROUS SCANDALS AND CRIMES<----SOURCE ONE----Lord Of The Rings Shocker - J.R.R Tolkien Lost Recording Exposes NWO<----SOURCE ONE----What Garbage Is In Your Beer? The Big Beer Coverup<----SOURCE ONE----Big Brother News: DHS Taking A Closer At Alex Jones<----SOURCE ONE----Eric Cantor's Surprising Primary Loss May Spell Trouble For The NSA<----SOURCE ONE----Dinesh D'Souza Explains What Made America Truly Exceptional And What Would Happen If It Fell<----SOURCE ONE----Obama Is Flooding The Country With Illegals By Design - A Globalist Agenda Exposed<----SOURCE ONE----Health Info: 7 Benefits of Raw Honey<----SOURCE ONE----Photo Gallery: THE DEATH AND DECAY OF DETROIT, AS SEEN FROM THE STREETS<----SOURCE ONE----▶ Sheriff Calls DHS On Journalist For Making FOIA Request <----SOURCE ONE----Negative Interest Rates Coming To USA, Americans Will Be Forced To Pay Just To Keep Their Money In The Bank

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Big Brother News: Re-Education Camps Coming Sooner Than You Think

Music Promotion - Music By The Truth Tale (Some Songs May Be PG)

Songs Available At: Bandcamp - iTunes - Nimbit - Google Play - Amazon - Spotify

Alex Jones talks about the gradual acclimatization of military into local government and police functions, as witnessed in the latest news revealing the U.S. Air Force working in Florida to spray “where heavy concentrations of mosquitos have been reported.” He’ll also cover the run-up to the RNC in Tampa where Orwellian orders have been given to garbage workers to “spot suspicious activity on their routes” and be mindful of any persons “taking an undue interest” in trash bins.

Call Now: 877-631-2430

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