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Video: Today In History – July 14th

Highlights of this day in history: Bastille prison stormed during the French Revolution; Outlaw ‘Billy the Kid’ gunned down; Richard Speck murders student nurses in Chicago; Mariner 4 probe flies by Mars; Folk singer Woody Guthrie born. (July 14) Check out the New Android™ Phones from Virgin Mobile™. Shop Online Now. Popular Media From The

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Video Opinion: American Tyranny Step By Step: Saving Our Republic

American Tyranny Step By Step: Saving Our Republic. JBS CEO Art Thompson looks to history to understand what can happen to American freedoms if the federal government continues to centralize more and more power. Viewer discretion is advised. Buy this DVD for only $1 at https://www.jbs.org/shop/american-tyranny-step-by-step Popular Media From The Web SPY & KNOW –

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Shocking: U.S. Olympic Uniforms: Made in China by Democratic Donor’s company | Washington Free Beacon

Lawmakers were livid to discover that the United States’ Olympic team uniforms were made in China. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) even suggested “they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again.” The company who designed the uniforms, Ralph Lauren, has received

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