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The Obama Administration Sued Over Illegal NSA Surveillance – Time To Rein In The NSA

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    Members of Congress are now stepping up to rein in the NSA: Republican from Michigan Justin Amash announced over Twitter his plans to defund the NSA’s spying program this week during consideration of the Defense funding bill. But leaders in the House are hesitant to even put Amash’s proposals up for a vote. Now off the Hill – the courts in recent weeks have been inundated with lawsuits also challenging the NSA’s newly exposed, mass domestic surveillance operations. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has brought together several organizations to file suit together against what they are calling the Obama Administration’s “illegal and unconstitutional” domestic spying program. Since last month – the American Civil Liberties Union has been in court fighting the government’s collection of American’s phone metadata – as revealed by Edward Snowden’s very first leak regarding Verizon. And the Electronic Privacy Information Center – EPIC – has also also been involved in overturning legal decisions that have paved the way for mass, warrantless surveillance of Americans. Gadeir Abbas, Staff Attorney at the Council on American-Islamic Relations – which is also taking part in the lawsuit against the Obama Administration speaks out.

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