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Have you noticed the NSA is spying on you, your food supply is being contaminated and Banksters are robbing this country?

Have you noticed the NSA spying on you, your food supply being contaminated and Banksters robbing the country? None of that happened according the media. Move along there’s nothing to see. You’re paranoid if you notice. Video 2: Lee Ann McAdoo interviews Quinn Eaker about property rights after his household was SWAT-teamed over unconstitutional code

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Big Brother News: The Giant Multinationals Are Pushing A Trade Deal That Will Literally Let Them Bypass Our Laws

Multinationals Are Plotting to Steamroll What’s Left of Our Democracy to Make Huge Profits August 20, 2013 Article Source: Alternet The giant multinationals are pushing a trade deal that will literally let them bypass our laws. This deal is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and it is coming at us in the next few months.

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Dr. Russell Blaylock: The Nightmare That is Obamacare & The Frightening Realities With Socialized Health Care

Alex is joined via phone by Dr. Russell L. Blalock, M.D. on the topics of Obamacare outcomes, vaccinations, medications and the bombshell news about Coca-Cola defending Aspartame in a new ad campaign despite numerous academic studies to the contrary. Alex also covers Obamacare and the frightening realities involved with socialized health care. http://www.russellblaylockmd.com/ Tags: Obamacare,

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Allen West: Obama Is “Dangerous Threat” To The Existence Of America

Allen West: Obama Is “Dangerous Threat” To The Existence Of America – On The Record – Wake Up America Allen West Slams Obama Over Health Care. Popular Media From The Web SPY & KNOW – HIDDEN CAMERAS, SURVEILLANCE, GPS TRACKING, SELF DEFENSE – PROTECT YOURSELF AND FAMILY – SPYKNOW.COM Top Trending Music From – The

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Scary McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Expose By Health Ranger Mike Adams Goes Viral

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams Shares His McNugget Discovery on the Robert Scott Bell Show Would you like a hair-covered nugget with that chicken? Or maybe you don’t care if the chicken nugget has little chicken in it at all? Are we screaming Chicken Little? Or is this just the first revelation from the Natural

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