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Obama Closed The WWII Memorial Now Truckers Shutdown DC Highways, Demand That Obama Leave Office

The government shutdown the World War II memorial, now truckers are shutting down America. On October 1, the Obama administration closed the WWII memorial in DC, which was paid for with private funds to honor the country’s most beloved veterans. One week later, the Administration allowed for an immigration reform rally to take place on

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Bad Credit? You Will Not Get Healthcare, Just The Fines – The Truth About Obamacare Will Shock You

David Knight talks about the issues raging issues behind ObamaTax alias Obamacare, the sharing of personal information during the process and the security issues inherent with online registry. Tags: ObamaTax, Obamacare, Credit Rating, Socialist Healthcare, news Popular Media From The Web SPY & KNOW – HIDDEN CAMERAS, SURVEILLANCE, GPS TRACKING, SELF DEFENSE – PROTECT YOURSELF

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Obamacare: More Than a Glitch Video Goes Viral – Let’s Face It, Obamacare is Scary Joke

With Obamacare You Are Covered By Mandates & Taxes Not HealthCare – More Than a Glitch & Epic Disgrace. Taxpayer-funded commercials paint a rosy picture of the Affordable Care Act. But let’s face it, Obamacare is unworkable. Enjoy our parody. | http://heritage.org/obamacare Tags: Obamacare, ObamaTax, Obama’s Scandals, Takeover Of America, Socialist Healthcare, news Popular Media From

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