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Shocking Claim: BBC Story Total Fabrication From Beginning To End Of Syria Atrocity

BBC ‘total fabrication from beginning to end’ of Syria ‘atrocity’; call to revoke visas for intel agents posing as reporters in NATO targets; CIA caught infiltrating CNN, and Operation Mockingbird is back. Seek truth from facts with UK Member of Parliament George Galloway; Illinois University Professor of International Law Francis Boyle; investigative reporter John Helmer;

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Expert: GMOs A Threat To The Planet: GMOs Could Cause ‘Irreversible Termination Of Life’ On Earth

GMOs could cause ‘irreversible termination of life’ on Earth, risk expert warns Ethan A. Huff Natural News March 23, 2014 When discussing the issues surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) — that is, organisms bearing the genetic traits of other species or bacteria — the focus is typically on how safe (or unsafe) these novel, food-like

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