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VIDEO: Putin Warns Of Nuclear War If Russia Is Threatened

VIDEO: NUCLEAR PUTIN SAYS DON’T MESS WITH RUSSIA  Russian president warns of nuclear war if Russia is threatened Below is the full version provided by RT. Skip to the 1 Hour, 38 Minute mark for Putin’s full statement: Long Term Emergency Water Supply Boxes with Fill Hose and Treatment Kit Free 2 Person 72 Hour

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Mark Dice Calls Out People Who Think The Illuminati Killed Robin Williams, Is He Wrong?

Offbeat: Gawker The Popular Gossip Blog Reported That Illuminati Sacrificed Robin Williams. Family Guy Cartoon Proves It Was Murder? By Mark Dice The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction – Mark Dice Opinion By Jack Allen: They have used cartoons for war propaganda, they use cartoons to push junk food and junk products, they use cartoons to push

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Globalist Manipulator George Soros’ Overthrow Of Ukraine Nearly Complete

Globalist Manipulator George Soros, the guy who said he wanted to bust the supremacy of the United States seems to be getting his way in Ukraine. The Globalist scheme to overthrow Ukraine is almost complete. Video below: Alex Jones continues coverage of the conflict in Ukraine and how we are being pushed towards war. Tags: Ukraine,

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