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New Music Release: The Truth Tale – A Happier Picture

A Happier Picture By The Truth Tale. This song is about keeping a broken relationship together A Happier Picture by The Truth Tale Lyrics Forgotten Memories, Remembered Words Said, Came Back To Haunt Twisted Meaning, Not What I Meant Broken, Shattered, View Of Our World Forgotten Days, Remembered Actions That Came Back To Haunt Existed

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Press Release – New Music Release: Million Miles From Reality – The Truth Tale

The Truth Tale – Million Miles From Reality This song was written after daydreaming working at a crappy job in the past. Same thing day after day. The only escape was through the mind. More of our songs on Youtube below Million Miles From Reality by The Truth Tale Visit us on iTunes Visit us

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New Music Release: Angels Get Wings By The Truth Tale

By The Truth Tale – Press Release This song was inspired and dedicated to Lisa. With fond memories, this song is also dedicated to anyone that has experienced a loss of a friend or a family member. Angels Get Wings by The Truth Tale Lyrics Cloudy days, when they leave us so soon Heart breaks, when

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Hell Freezing Over? Disney Realizing That Fans Celebrating ‘Frozen’ By Infringement May Be A Good Thing

Disney is a name that is often associated with copyright maximalism for pretty good reasons. Despite the fact that many of its early successes depended heavily on either direct infringement or making use of the public domain, the company was a very…

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New Music Release: Man Who Had A Message By The Truth Tale – #Rock #SoundTrack

We are intrigued by the writings from Nostradamus and how people are still talking about him today. So we decided to do a song to honor him for leaving such a mark on the world. No matter what you think about his prophecies you have to admit his story is epic. Man Who Had A Message

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Interesting Hidden Message In The New Godzilla Movie

Suspend your reality for Godzilla: It’s an anti-global-warming alarmism smash Sonny Bunch The Washington Free Beacon May 18, 2014 If it’s summer movie season, that means it’s time for me to make some counterintuitive claims about the blockbusters in our midst. Last year, I made the case that Star Trek: Into Darkness was accidentally a pro-drone-strike parable and that

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Hot New Music Just Released: Vampire People by The Truth Tale

Hi, we hope you like our new song: Vampire People Listen Now And Support Our Band By Buying Our Music Thanks! All The Best From The Truth Tale Vampire People by The Truth Tale Vampire People – Single – The Truth Tale – Available On iTunes Other Popular releases Last Breath System Overload by The Truth

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Satan Cut From Bible “Son Of God” Film Because Of Obama Look A Like Controversy

‘Bible’ Producers Cut Satan Scenes From ‘Son of God’ Following Obama Controversy (Video) Scenes with an actor who played the devil but looked a lot like Barack Obama have been edited out of the upcoming movie Son of God, one of the producers told The Hollywood Reporter. “It gives me great pleasure to tell you that the devil

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Things To Come, More To The Story: The Hunger Games Catching Fire

David knight and Alex Jones discuss The Hunger Games – Cathing Fire and the implications of such story lines in the narrative of society. Video: “Things To Come” (H.G. Wells) 1936 – Full Movie Tags: Movie, The Hunger Games Catching Fire, Review, Big Brother, Police State Popular Media From The Web SPY & KNOW –

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Director Oliver Stone Calls Obama A Snake – “We Have To Turn on Him” | #NSA #Scandals

Oliver Stone: Obama is a Snake and We Have To Turn on Him! Film director Oliver Stone—who has made no secret of his liberal political views—called Obama a “snake” for his role in National Security Agency spying programs that have become, he said, more about silencing protestors than finding terrorists. “Obama is a snake,” Stone

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