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Video Expose: Power Grab!!!! Obama’s Executive Order Facilitates Martial-law

Last Friday evening, President Obama signed an Executive Order giving him the power to implement martial law in the US. The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order will give Obama the power to seize the countries resources in a time of crisis or peace. This includes resources ranging from livestock to sources of energy and

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World Video: Russia – Big Brother will turn webcams on corrupt cops or the people?

Thousands of webcams were installed across Russia to monitor the Presidential election earlier this month. But now, with even the most remote regions of the country having the most advanced software, the authorities have decided to give the billion-dollar project a fresh focus. World Video: Russia – Big Brother will turn webcams on corrupt cops

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Video Opinion: Are We Headed for Another Great Depression? World War 3?

Mar 19, 2012 – The Trends Research Institute’s Gerald Celente predicts that the U.S is headed for war with Iran and says it’s going to affect our economy the way WWII did at the end of the Great Depression. Emergency Supplies – Are You Ready? Popular Media From The Web SPY & KNOW – HIDDEN

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Video Opinion: Extremely Alarming – America Has Been Criminally Conquered????

Alex Jones talks about the latest on Obama’s unconstitutional National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order and how the corporate media ignored statement paves the way for martial law. Alex Jones takes calls during this video. Are You Bugged at Home, Office or Car? Being Tracked by GPS? Get The Best Bug Detectors Now! Shop Spy

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Video: Chicago Police Officer: “Your First Amendment Rights Can Be Terminated” Photojournalist Arrested

A Chicago Police Officer handcuffs two members of the media outside Mt. Sinai Hospital, warning their First Amendment rights can be terminated.   View more videos at: Police Handcuff NBC Chicago Photojournalist Chicago police took two members of the media into custody Saturday, including an NBC Chicago photographer. Photographer Donte Williams and WGN Reporter

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Video Opinion – Civil Rights Icon Dick Gregory: Obama: The Globalist Ultimate Puppet

On the Monday, March 19 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with former comedian, activist, social critic, writer, and entrepreneur Dick Gregory. On Friday, Mr. Gregory was arrested along with actor George Clooney, his father and others outside the Sudanese embassy. Gregory and Clooney were protesting against the Sudanese government of Omar al-Bashir

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Video: Your TV, Stove, Dishwasher And Microwave Are Spying On You For Big Brother

Big Brother Is Spying On You – Enjoy watching TV? How about your TV — watching you? BY STACEY WELSH ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY Enjoy watching TV? How about your TV — watching you? Oh, and your dishwasher, and your stove, and your — well — you name it. It could be in the works. CIA

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Big Brother News: CIA wants to spy on you via your TV

(DAILYMAIL) — When people download a film from Netflix to a flatscreen, or turn on web radio, they could be alerting unwanted watchers to exactly what they are doing and where they are. Spies will no longer have to plant bugs in your home – the rise of ‘connected’ gadgets controlled by apps will mean

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Video: MARTIAL LAW IN U.S.? Widespread Panic

EXECUTIVE-ORDER PANIC: MARTIAL LAW IN U.S.? THE IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY by DREW ZAHN White House quietly releases document that creates widespread worry The White House’s late-week release of an executive order has sent the online community into an uproar, worried that President Obama had secretly provided himself means to institute martial law in America. In the

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Big Brother News: The Anti-Freedom President? Obama Outlaws Freedom of Protest

With the stroke of a pen, Obama signed bill HR 347 into law earlier this month. With that move, Obama made it a felony to express freedom of speech in America. The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act that effortlessly passed the House and the Senate is a law that most Americans don’t know

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