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Bilderberger David Petraeus Has Really Become General Betray-Us, He Joined Bankster Zoellick To Push The Zionist North American Union Scheme

Welcome to Americanadexico: New CFR Blueprint for a North American Union Super Grid Two Bilderbergers, former general David Petraeus, now of KKR Global and former World Bank head Robert Zoellick, now Chair of Goldman Sachs’ international board, are leading the Council on Foreign Relation’s latest push for an ‘integrated’ North America — a North American

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Video Opinion: Webster Tarpley: Orwellian Control Grid – More Revelation About Kenyan-born Obama

On the May 20 Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the global elite on the run as the establishment media is forced to report on the Bilderbergers and their noxious plan to finally unfold a devastating attack on Iran, undermine the internet with government censorship, and sell the public on more trillions

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Video Expose: Bilderbergers taking over Europe?

Demonstrators in Italy and Greece marched in the streets yesterday to protest the austerity measures that are being brought forth by the new governments of both countries. The European Union has ordered these economic modifications and the people feel their only weapon against the measures are their voices. Charlie McGrath, founder of, compares the

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