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Video: Comedy – NewsBusted – November 18, 2011

Topics in today’s show: –According to the OWS website, the demonstrators have scheduled events in New York until October 2025 –Polls now have Newt Gingrich near the top of the field for the GOP nomination –A man in New York won a bet with his wife by losing nearly 200 pounds –A new poll finds

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Video: Comedy – NewsBusted Show – November 15, 2011

Topics in today’s show: –Rick Perry is still thinking of a third federal agency he’d like to eliminate –Rick Perry’s recent brain freeze certainly was embarrassing, but we here at NewsBusted want to remind everyone that our current president won’t speak to sixth graders unless he has two teleprompters –Last week, one of Herman Cain’s

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Video: Comedy – NewsBusted – November 11, 2011

Topics in today’s show: –There are now over 100 criminal probes investigating the money doled out on the 2009 stimulus –Democrats in Congress are considering a tax on financial transactions –The Department of Homeland Security will now show PSAs in hotel rooms across America –A new study claims that so-called global warming is the responsible

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Video: Comedy – NewsBusted – October 4, 2011

Topics in today’s show: –Recent poll finds just 34% of Americans now support Obamacare –Officials in Sonoma County, California, now accepting Mexican IDs as a legal form of identification –IBM has just named its first female executive –A former Obama speechwriter has sold a sitcom idea about the White House to NBC –A NM woman

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Video: Comedy – NewsBusted – October 28, 2011

Topics in today’s show: –Last week marked the 1000th day of the Obama administration –Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it has deported more than 400,000 individuals this year –Half of young people surveyed say they don’t ever expect to collect Social Security –Obama continues to criticize Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan –The National Park Service

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Comedy – NewsBusted For October 25th

Topics in today’s show: –Libyan dictator Gaddafi captured and killed last week –Video of Gaddafi’s bloody capture was replayed on TV and online for days –Obama announced America will pull all our troops out of Iraq by the end of this year –Obama came out in favor of the Occupy Wall Street protestors –The Communist

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Video: Comedy – NewsBusted 10/7/11

Topics in today’s show: –Michael Jackson wrongful death trial has now started –Records show the number of small donors to Obama has decreased –A repair shop in Texas has come under fire for asking customers to recite a Bible verse to get a discount on your oil change –Six million Americans age 25-34 still live

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Video: Comedy – NewsBusted For September 27, 2011

Starring: Jodi Miller Production: Dialog New Media NewsBusted is a comedy webcast about the news of the day Topics in today’s show: –Obama waved in a photo of world leaders –Obama said America built the intercontinental railroad –Democratic senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said nobody ever became rich on their own –Michelle Obama wore $42,000 of

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On The Lighter Side – Video: NewsBusted 9/16/11

NewsBusted 9/16/11 Topics in today’s show: –Economists predict America’s unemployment rate will remain high for several more years –Other economic experts are predicting another recession –Mitt Romney says he has a record of creating more jobs than Obama –Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway currently fighting IRS –A San Diego boy who was throwing rocks at car

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