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Attorney Larry Klayman Wants Obama Deported, But This Youtuber Wants Obama On Trial For Treason

Attorney Larry Klayman Wants Obama Deported, But This Youtuber Wants Him On Trial For Treason Video and Opinion By: Gabor Zolna Attorney Larry Klayman wants Obama deported, I don’t, I want to see him arrested for his countless crimes against the American people, tried for treason, and if found guilty, executed. Absolutely every single thing

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Obama Impeachment, Obama Resignation Or 2nd American Revolution? Hear Larry Klayman’s Washington DC Speech

Passionate Attorney Larry Klayman is at LaFayette Park in Washington DC across from the White House saying that we as a citizenry have been dis-served by the leaders of this country for generations. It is time for the government to listen to US, the people of this great nation; not for us to listen to

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Obama Is Predictably Playing A Deceitful ‘Anti-White’ Racist Game After Zimmerman Verdict

Obama’s Justice Department stokes racism after Martin verdict Predictably Suggests It Will Now Begin Criminal Civil Rights Prosecution (Washington, D.C., July 14, 2013). Today, Larry Klayman, a former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor and founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch ( ), issued the following statement in the wake of an Obama Justice Department

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