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Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks Reveals We Will Still Be Under Satanic Zionist Rule? Is There Still Any Hope?

Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks Reveals We Will Still Be Under Satanic Zionist Rule? Is There Still Any Hope? By Paul Craig Roberts & Wayne Madsen “Donald Trump, Saviour Or Hypocrite?” Video: Richie On Trumps Zionist Banker Cabinet Picks And The Orwellian Politically Correct Agenda. Related Videos Popular Media From The Web SPY & KNOW – HIDDEN

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Lust For WW3 – Will The Neocons Kill Donald Trump?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has a new book out titled “The Neoconservative Threat To World Order.” In it, he talks about the dreadful shape of the global economy and how war might be forced on the world. Dr. Roberts, who is also a former Assistant Treasury Secretary, says, “The Neoconservative ideology is American world hegemony

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Paul Craig Roberts Discusses How The FED Caused Oregon Standoff – More Militias Join Oregon Protesters

Members of self-styled militia groups have joined armed anti-government protesters occupying a federal wildlife refuge in the US State of Oregon. By Paul Craig Roberts – Former Assistant Secretary of US Treasury One of the groups has called for setting up a safety perimeter around the wildlife refuge as the protesters say they have no

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Shock Video: Cop Goes Nuts When Told “God Bless You” #PoliceAbuse Caught On Camera

Video 1: Cop Goes Nuts When Told “God Bless You” Talking to, looking at, or even being pleasant and nice towards cops is now almost enough to get you beat up and thrown in jail judging by two recent examples out of Miami and Philadelphia. View in iTunes – Troubling Times – Perfect Daze Perfect

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The End? 2014 Is Shaping Up As A Year Of Reckoning For The United States

Is the US or the World Coming to an End? Paul Craig Roberts April 10, 2014 2014 is shaping up as a year of reckoning for the United States. Image: White House (Wiki Commons). Two pressures are building on the US dollar. One pressure comes from the Federal Reserve’s declining ability to rig the

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Paul Craig Roberts: Same Fools Playing The Same Games – World War 1 All Over Again

World War 1 All Over Again Paul Craig Roberts March 15, 2014 “If you reduce the lie to a scientific system put it on thick and heavy, and with great effort and sufficient finances scatter it all over the world as the pure truth, you can deceive whole nations for a long time and

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The US Economy Is Already In Shambles Now They Have Killed Our Dollar

The Dying Dollar Paul Craig Roberts November 23, 2013 Since 2006, the US dollar has experienced a one-quarter to one-third drop in value to the Chinese yuan, depending on the choice of base. Now China is going to let the dollar decline further in value.  China also says it is considering undermining the petrodollar by

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#Syria : What Powerful Interest Is Pushing The White House Fool To Act Outside Of Law? The Israel Lobby?

Why Are Obama And Kerry So Desperate To Start A New War? The rule of zombies Paul Craig Roberts September 9, 2013 What is the real agenda? Why is the Obama Regime so desperate to commit a war crime despite the warnings delivered to the White House Fool two days ago by the most

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Opinion: Obama Going After Guns: ‘You can’t have police state and a armed population”

Barack Obama has made a move towards stronger gun control in the U.S. The proposal comes after the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school that took the lives of 26 people, including 20 children. For more analysis on the gun-control debate in the U.S., RT talks to Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant

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Video: Paul Craig Roberts: Washington will make Libya a puppet state – But who will rule the unstable country?

Today Gaddafi’s body was laid to rest after being held in freezer for several days. As of now his burial location isn’t being disclosed to prevent Gaddafi loyalist from making the site a shrine. Some critics believe that the fall of Gaddafi was influenced by the Western powers. But who will rule the unstable country?

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