New Music Release: The Truth Tale – A Happier Picture


A Happier Picture By The Truth Tale. This song is about keeping a broken relationship together


Forgotten Memories, Remembered
Words Said, Came Back To Haunt
Twisted Meaning, Not What I Meant

Broken, Shattered, View Of Our World

Forgotten Days, Remembered
Actions That Came Back To Haunt
Existed On Denial, Mindless Discontent

Forgotten Ways, Remembered
Wondering Eyes, Came Back To Haunt
Coexisted On Lies, Trust I Bent

Misspoken Thoughts, Bad Emotions Swirled

So Sorry
Sorry For The Pain
Sorry For The Pain

Don’t Want It To Be All Tainted
Happiness We Once Were Acquainted

To Put Up With Me, You Should Be Sainted
A Happier Picture, Should Be Painted
Happier Picture

Don’t Want It To Be All Tainted
A Happier Picture Should Be Painted
Don’t Want It To Be All Tainted
Happier Picture Should Be Painted
Should Be Painted

Can This All, Be Repainted

Lyrics By John Allen Mitchell / The Truth Tale

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