Shock Claim – Neocon Zionists Control The Obama Administration – ISIS Is A Useful Tool To Takeover Countries

Is ISIS Good For The Jews?
Is ISIS Good For The Jews?

A Former Jew Dares To Ask: Is ISIS Good For The Jews?

Video By Brother Nathanael

(Brother Nathanael was raised Jewish but now is an Orthodox Christian warning the world of dangers coming our way)

While the American people are being enslaved by the Zionist controlled police state, our military is being used to play a dangerous game of taking over countries and then they are just given over to Zionist control. Does this make any sense? Do we want our military to die and sacrifice for this? Will other groups like the Christians be the next target of the Zionists? Well, the truth of the matter is that we are already all victims of the Zionist takeover. It is obvious that the Federal Government is not doing what the American people want and on ever turn they are using lies and propaganda to try to get the public to blindly follow an evil agenda that has nothing to do with our real security. It is an epic scam and the American people and the world will pay the price if it is not stopped. We are paying taxes but it would seem that most of our elected officials are not doing what the American people want. This is taxation without representation if our politicians are taking their marching orders from Neocon Zionists only.

Does ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service? Is this why they are now being referred to as ISIL or IS? Fake terror groups and false flag staged events are making it easy for the general public to remain good little sheep while the world around them is being hijacked.

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