Donald Trump Accuses Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of Creating ISIS [Daesh]

Donald Trump Accuses Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton of Creating Daesh

Two Evil Men Shaking Their Blood Wrenched Hands
Two Evil Men Shaking Their Blood Wrenched Hands

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MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The real-estate tycoon claimed he had predicted the rise of Daesh in the Middle East, citing his calls on the Obama administration to target the group’s oil assets in the militant-controlled territories.

“They have a bunch of dishonest people. They’ve created ISIS [Daesh]. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama,” Trump announced to a cheering croud in Biloxi, Mississippi.

In a show of his predicting ability, Trump also accused Iran of being after Saudi oil as it orchestrated Saturday’s attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran.

A mob of outraged Shiite protesters stormed the Saudi diplomatic mission in the Iranian capital following the execution of prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr by Saudi Arabia’s Sunni authorities.

Trump is the the Republican Party frontrunner in the US presidential race. The billionaire businessman has provoked controversy with statements he’s made about women, immigrants and Muslims.


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