Bizarre Oddities: Talentless Illuminati Fool John Oliver Is Just Another Zionist Troll With A Laugh Track?

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Talentless Illuminati Fool John Oliver Is Just Another Zionist Troll With A Laugh Track?

You’ll Never Guess Who Wrote the John Oliver Hit Piece on Trump

By Andrew Anglin



The (((left))) has accepted that we are already in a general election: Trump vs. Hillary. As such, they are now attacking him in a different way – catering the attacks to the entire public, rather than simply to Republicans.

The British talk show host John Oliver, host of the HBO show Last Week Tonight, recently produced a scientifically orchestrated hit piece on Trump, which went viral on YouTube.

It’s not really very funny. Last joke is to mock Trump’s original German name – Drumpf – which was Anglicized into its current form. Most of the rest of it is just lies and distortions.

While unfunny, it is extremely efficient. A complete barrage. High quality propaganda, which has no doubt made a real impression on some people.

I found who wrote it. Josh Gondelman.

You’ll never guess his ethnicity.

Molyneux Responds to John Oliver Anti-Trump Hit Piece

By Andrew Anglin

Molyneux responds – in detail – to the John Oliver hit piece on Trump. As we documented, this hit piece was written by a Jew.

On February 28th, 2016, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver broadcast their “epic takedown” of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. Oliver criticized Trump’s business history, licensing of his brand, possible insecurities, potential inconsistencies, self-funding of his campaign, telling it like it is, political correctness and created the Donald Drumpf meme.

Includes: Jon Stewart’s name change, Trump University, Trump Steaks, Politifact, Trump Vodka, Trump Shuttle, Go Trump, Trump Magazines, Trump Mortgage Company, Disavowing David Duke, Ku Klux Klan and much more!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump (HBO)


I hate John Oliver so much. He may well be a Jew himself.

Looks like one, the rat bastard.


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