Was The Holocaust Story The Biggest “Fake News” Story Every Told?

Was The Holocaust Story The Biggest “Fake News” Story Every Told?

By Jack Allen

This is one of those topics that people don’t like to talk about and there are some countries that forbid discussing it all together if you happen to question the reality of this claimed event in history. This event is called the Holocaust and in my opinion, we are at a point in history I now think only an idiot beyond measure would still believe the Holocaust story.

Before we discuss the Holocaust, we must first ask, who were the biggest mass murderers in history? The answer to that question is Satanic Bolshevik Jews that took over Christian Russia and converted it to Hell on earth. So before WW2 even started Satanic Bolshevik Jews killed an estimated 100 million mostly Christian people. So where are the museums for all the people that the Satanic Bolshevik Jews killed? There are none because Real Christians lost WW2 and Satanic evil won by the use of lies and propaganda.

The Holocaust story was around way before WW2 and it was Satanic Zionist propaganda that was used to raise lots and lots of money. The Holocaust 6,000,000 story was feed to good people even in Readers Digest before WW2 even started and that article was written by a Hollywood writer.

The Holocaust story is taught to Jews that go to Synagogues as a new Religion. So Satanic Jews created the Holocaust propaganda and some other Jews are just innocent victims like the rest of us are. This Holocaust story is pushed so much as fact that brainwashed zombies will fight and kill others to defend this epic Satanic lie.

“I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

Video: Questioning The Holocaust – Why We Believed

By Tex Marrs 0ne group and one group alone is responsible for virtually all wars and bloodshed on the face of this planet. This evil cabal is few in numbers but, like a deadly octopus, its tentacles reach out to grip and strangle untold multitudes of innocent victims. The initiates of every secret society and internationalist organization, from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Jesuits to the Bilderbergers and the Order of Skull & Bones, obey the dictates of this sinister group and tremble when standing before its leaders.

The cabalist group I refer to is the Synagogue of Satan, an ancient, yet modern, elite so politically powerful and so fabulously wealthy that even past history has been twisted, reshaped, and revised to meet its preferred version of humanity’s gloomy, totalitarian future.

Religious in nature, the Synagogue of Satan is, at its essence, a grotesque, satanic cult. It’s high council is composed of High Priests of Lucifer; these are men who literally worship death while practicing sexual magick and occult rituals of the blackest nature. Read More

I strongly believe the Holocaust story is a Satanic Creation and the 6,000,000 number is an occult number. I believe this so strongly that I will not even buy Kosher Taxed products because I feel a sense of evil when I see the “U” in a circle and other Kosher marks. You do know that if the food you eat has a Kosher mark that means a Rabbi that sucks blood from a baby boy’s penis has been involved with the product production, How sick is that?


The Kosher Food Tax is the biggest consumer fraud existing in America. Examine every item in your cupboards for either the (U) or (K) labels. These symbols represent a Jewish “blessing” and when these small symbols are detected; it means that you have unwittingly paid a tax to a Jewish religious group. They will not always be on the front of the package; they may be hidden amid the small print near the label’s seam. This cryptic code has to do with a Hebrew “secret;” a heist; which illuminates the Jews’ power in the United States.

The circled “U;” sometimes with the word “Parve;” stands for Union of Orthodox Jews (UOJCA); the “K” stands for Kosher (KOV K). Both will not be found on the same package. These symbols mean that the product’s producer paid the Jews – Synagogue of Satan a kind of “tax” to have some blood baby boy sucking rabbi “curse” it.

Don’t confuse these letters with the letter “R” which stands for registered trade mark or a letter “C” which stands for copyright. These two letters will probably be there too. You have now discovered what the Jews call “hechsers;” a rip-off code found on most grocery items.

Anyway back to the Holocaust story. With a degree of absolute treachery, one that exceeds all limits of human deceit and corruption, that is this claim that there was an actual Holocaust against European Jews.

See the real nature of WWII-era European Jewry. They were never oppressed. Rather, they were the great oppressors of the land in every way conceivable:

The Holocaust is a cash cow for Jews and Israel. False sympathy for Jews has given Israel hundreds of billions of dollars from Germany and the US, and has provided large incomes to individual Jews who have capitalized on the Holocaust with their novels, ‘memoirs’, films, plays, speaking tours and the like. It may be truly said that the Holocaust is the golden calf on the gentile leg that the Jews have been pulling for more than 60 years.

Video: Don Heddesheimer: The First Holocaust—The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure

Most people believe that roughly six million Jews were killed by National Socialist Germany during World War II in an event generally referred to as the Holocaust or the Shoah. But how long have we known about this six-million figure? The most frequent answer is that the six-million figure was established after the Second World War during the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.

Although it is true that the six-million figure was declared to be the indubitable truth at this tribunal, it is actually remarkably older. In this book, Don Heddesheimer shows that the six-million figure dates back to a Jewish fundraising campaign that started during the FIRST World War and reached its peak in the mid-1920s. During those years, Jewish groups in the United States spread the rumor that millions of Jews in Europe were suffering to the degree that millions had died already, while many more millions would face a lingering death. The New York Times was the main vehicle for such propaganda, which even included well-known buzzwords like “extermination,” “holocaust,” and the now famous “six million” figure.

Although this exaggerated propaganda of Jewish suffering slowed down during the 1930s, it never completely ceased and received new momentum in the 1940s during the Second World War. As we all know today, this propaganda skyrocketed after Germany’s total defeat, as the victorious nations of the Second World War seized upon the opportunity to take advantage of such propaganda and to increase its scope and impact. Heddesheimer’s book clearly shows that the origin of the “six million” figure, together with “extermination” and “holocaust” claims, are Jewish-Zionist in nature and part of a propaganda pattern that started at the very dawn of the 20th century in order to promote Jewish political and financial goals, be they in Soviet Russia then or in Israel today. Since the end of World War Two, this propaganda has increased in intensity due to its political success and the successful suppression of resistance against it.


Third edition with a research update of 2015, also including a list of 276 sources referring to 6 million suffering, dying or dead Jews, and published between 1900 and the opening of the Nuremberg Trials in late 1945.

Free eBook – PDF – Download It In Case It Is Blocked In Your Country: The First Holocaust

Available as Paperback or FREE PDF or Kindle download here as well.

Free eBook – PDF – Download It In Case It Is Blocked In Your Country: Six Million Open Gates

Many countries in Europe, as well as Canada and Australia, have laws against denying the Holocaust Story (Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust). There can be only one reason for these laws: Supporting a lie that is a cash cow for Jews, and preventing criticism of Jews. If the Holocaust stories were true, it would not need legislative support. Only lies need such support.


Once you start lying, you can’t stop without admitting that you were lying, and if the Big Jews do that, then Jew-Deism — the worship of The Chosen — actually The SELF-Chosen — by Jews and Christian idiots will collapse, and instead of the Chosen People, the Jews will become the Frozen People.


The Holocaust is a secular religion in a secular age that keeps Jews drawn together and makes them easier for the Big Jews to manipulate.


Jewish scholars such as Yehuda Bauer of Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust museum, have admitted that some of the most important features of the Holocaust story are false, including the story that soap was made from the fat of Jewish bodies, and lampshades from Jewish skin. And yet in spite of these grudging admissions, the falsehoods remain firmly in place because Jews suppress the findings of Holocaust revisionists.


Judea Declares War on Germany – Dr Fredrick Toben (full) – Satanic Zionists started WW2


Jews make much of the ‘blood libel’ which accuses Jews of killing gentile children and using their blood for cooking — an accusation which is not without evidence; but Jews have in fact engaged in the greatest of all blood libels by accusing Germany of the Holocaust.


Jews during WW2, Jewish guerrillas sunk a ship which was full of Jews bound for Palestine in order to blame it on the British and create more sympathy for Jewish immigration to Palestine, an area which was then under British control. Several similar cases of Jews killing their own for political purposes in WW2 have been reported.


It is essential that the truth about the Holocaust be known, because the Holocaust is both the key and the Achilles heel of Jewish power over gentiles. If the Holocaust Lie collapses, then so does Jewish power. 


Jews had a significant role in building the atomic bomb, which was then used to create a genuine holocaust of Japenese victims. Isn’t it funny that we never hear much about this very real holocaust, but we are subjected to a never-ending stream of weeping and wailing over a false one? 


The only real holocaust in Germany was the firebombing of German cities by the British. In particular, ‘Bomber’ Harris incinerated Dresden, a city of no military importance, but one filled with civilian refugees, which killed upwards of a quarter million people.


Always remember Satanic Jews were the biggest mass murderers of all time

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